Over the last few years I’ve been teaching myself how to cook from recipes in food magazines and recipe books and realised the huge difference in the quality of the recipes I’m reading for someone like me- an amateur home cook with only a small amount of confidence in the kitchen.

I’ve realised that while there’s no shortage of food websites, they all seem to be people publishing their own recipes or reviewing places to eat out. There doesn’t seem to be a site that tells you if a recipe is really worth cooking or if it’s not worth the time spent in the kitchen and money spent on the ingredients.

I’m going to do my best to provide independent reviews of recipes I make at home- I’ll be honest about how closely I’ve followed it and provide clarity on how I’ve addressed any vague instructions. I’ll include any “margin scribbles” for changes I’d make if I were to make it again. Over time I’ll put all my favourites into a Recipe Hall of Fame so if you need something tried and tested that’s all but guaranteed to be a success.

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